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Professional Web Site Design Company located in California

MBB Design offers professional web site design, and Internet development services that adds to the success of your business.

At MBB Design, we work closely with our clients from concept to delivery, helping turn their visions into their web sites. Our job is to listen and understand the requirements which are unique to your business. We create online solutions that reflect your "personality" and operational needs. At the end, we provide each client with quality Web services that are delivered on-time and within budget.

MBB Design Media Coverage
Santa Barbara News Press Article about Web sites Internet Web Designers
MBB Design was featured at Frank Nelson's SANTA BARBARA NEWS PRESS article at the Business section. The article - "Web Sights" - covered the need of web presence for every business type and its pros and cons.
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MBB Design News
Melike Bush - Person of the Week
Melike Bitlis-Bush - owner of MBB Design - was the "Person of the Week" at EdHat.com.
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MBB Design Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design a web site?

Every website project is different and we quote each of them individually. We base our estimates on the complexity of the site structure and how much time it will take to build it based on the details we learn from you. Some of the factors which affect the cost are:
  • Number of pages on the site
  • Types and number of graphic images on the site
  • Programming

How long does it take to build a website?

Once MBB Design recieves all the content (text & graphics) in final form, signed contract and deposit, a typical website will take about 3-5 weeks. It may take longer or less time depending on the size of the project.

Where do we start?

* First, please fill-out our Project Evaluation Form so that we will learn more about your projects needs/wants.
* Then we will contact you to get to know you better - how your business works, what is workable for you on the web, and what do you expect from this web design project. We use this information to produce a detailed storyboard of the overall structure of your website design along with a cost estimate.
* The following step is the production of graphical web design - the "look & feel" of your site. Mock-ups will contain a Home Page and an Interior Page. According to your feedback, we will modify the mock-ups till you are happy and satisfied with them (3 times max).
* After you have approved a graphical interface for your project, we will go ahead and start building the HTML pages.

Is it OK if I do not live in your area?

There is no problem if you live outside Santa Barbara, California. We have developed web sites for many people from all across the world. You can send us your information by e-mail, fax, standard mail, overnight express, or whatever you see fit. We will continue to work with you no matter what side of the world you reside on and treat you as if you live right next door.


6 Seconds Rule
Your business has approximately six seconds to capture the attention of a prospective client who is searching the Internet, before they head off to another website. If a connection is not made between your prospective customers and your business website in a very short time frame, you will lose them.

Project Evaluation Form of MBBDESIGN
How to start a web project? 


Companies listed above are just suggestions of MBB Design. We are not responsible of any problems that may occur between you and these service providers.

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